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The current layout was made by me , using my "URBAN" Scrapkit

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


This scrapkit is my fav!!
I tried to capture what it feels like to be in a city and personally i believe i did that!!
Anyways i hope you feel the same and if you download then leave me some LOVE!!
Happy Creating and Enjoy!!!

~ Friendship ~

Here are 6 wordarts in honor of friendships
some are grey scale , so that you can color to meet your needs,
and others are made to look like vellum.
I hope you enjoy them!!
when you download them and you love them ,
leave me some LOVE!!

~ Just Breathe ~

Well we have all been in Love ,
and when you know its love its like
you are breathing for the first time in your live!!
i hope you enjoy these 2 wordarts in ode' to love!!

~ Bag O' Dots ~

Here is a lil add-on to my serenity scrapkit

~ Serenity ~

Calm cool and collected is how this scrapkit make me feel!
so i hope it inspires you like it does for me...
makes me feel serene!!
anyways i hope you enjoy it!!

~ Organic Coral ~

this is my organic coral kit ,
when i was creating it i wanted to do something
with a coral color and then it just came all together
and the more i looked at it , the more it looked organic!!
so hence then name!! lol!
anyways i hope you enjoy it!
Have fun creating!!

I would love to see what you make with it!!
I'm always open to seeing tags created with my kits!!
( hint hint )

~ Live,Laugh,Love ~

Live Laugh Love
that saying is so true when it comes to life!!
anyways i love the saying and wanted to make
a scrapkit out of it..... the quality of some of the items in the scrapkit
are not excatly what i had hoped for , but i think it is still pretty,
i hope you think so too!!

~ My Diamond Line~

Glitzy,Glam,Glittery Diamonds!!
Do you ever feel like there is not enough diamonds
out there? well now you can have diamonds at your
fingertips , with my new diamond line!!
there is frames, alpha , and a couple elements
i even threw in a diamond overlay!!
i hope you enjoy them!!

~ Puffsterz~

Anyone Thirsty??
these are my Puffster Stickerz
just a lil creation i came up with!!
And just in time for spring break!!!
i hope you can create something with them..
i always enjoy seeing your work ( hint hint ) so if you
would like to show me your creations , please do!!
ok onto the puffsterz

Saturday, May 24, 2008

ok so i guess my first scrap kit was a HIT so far and one of my FAV TUT Writers has made me a TAG with it !!!!!!!!

Thank you soo very much BUTTER !!!!
you did an AWESOME job!!!

you can find butterflyflutterby here